Rescue Me

from Live At Eddie's by Tom Willner



Recorded Live at Eddie's Attic, Decatur, GA
April 4, 2008
Live sound: Shalom Aberle

Urban Blue:
Tom Willner - keys, vocals
Kristi Budd - vocals
Adam Coletta - guitar
Lee Nunn - bass
Lee Hansen - sax, vocals
Towson Engsberg - drums


I strayed from the mainland
and now I'm lost at sea
I thought if I sailed into uncharted waters
the uncertainty would set me free

but one time friendly faces
now seem to all deny me
I lost my tether to the shore
I don't know if I can do this anymore

rescue me
won't you rescue me

I thought I was all alone
but there's another boat floating past
seems there's two ships of fools out here on their own
and neither one is bound to last

there's a storm front moving in
the waves are climbing so high
the sky is black and there's nowhere to run
but I'm not the only one who's out here looking for someone to

rescue me
won't you rescue me


from Live At Eddie's, released September 25, 2008




Tom Willner Atlanta, Georgia

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