You Are My Storm

from by Tom Willner



You are my storm in the midnight sky
My flash of light when lightning strikes
You are my world, and I am your moon
Circling around you baby, and it's nighttime soon

I feel my body crashing inside like waves from a restless sea

You are my storm, and your clouds move in
I'm drenched by your rain, shocked by your lightning
Swept up in your winds that ravage and blow
I'm powerless when I'm inside you, so I let go

Everything goes calm for a moment
I'm staring right into the eye of my storm
And you are my storm

You are my storm, and the storm has passed
Though I'm damaged for life, I bask in the aftermath
I want to believe that I played a part
But I know the role was only a victim's heart

I will never be the same
But I would do it all over again


from Rescue Me, released November 30, 2007