Nothing To Lose

by Tom Willner



I have always been a sucker for a good romantic comedy (yes I turned in my man card a while ago). One day I decided I wanted to capture one in a song. So here is Nothing To Lose, the story of a broken-hearted girl and a shy boy, both longing to find that special someone, who finally find each other. I hope you enjoy it.


Read another romance novel
Watch another late night movie
And wipe away the tears
That she really sheds for herself

The alarm interrupts her fantasy
Brings her back to reality
Another day alone
With her dreams neatly stored on a shelf

(And she cries)
Why must my heart be so broken
This is not the life I choose
Someday I'll hear the words unspoken
'Cause I got nothing to lose

See her every day on the way to work
Get the same coffee from the clerk
And he knows every feature
Can draw her from memory in his heart

But every day he lets her walk away
Despite what his friends always say
Too scared to lose her love
Before it has a chance to start

(And he thinks)
Why must my heart be so broken
This is not the life I choose
Someday I'll say the words unspoken
When I got nothing to lose

One fateful day her eyes meet his
His heart stops and he turns away
But then he says hi
And she says hi
Then he spills his coffee
And she smiles


released February 13, 2018


all rights reserved



Tom Willner Atlanta, Georgia

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