Over You

from Rescue Me by Tom Willner



Give me your keys you said with a smile
You took my car and drove us away
I was your willing partner in crime
until yesterday

Futons to couches, full size to king
We spent the first two years in bed
I spent the last six months trying to keep you
and lost you instead
now I'm trying to get

Over you
I looked so long to find you
I lost my heart and mind too
A lifetime will pass by before I can say I am over you

You left the car keys on the table
You left no dishes in the sink
I came home from work to empty hangers
and my heart sank


instrumental bridge

I stared for hours at the ceiling
Watching the shadows cross the wall
I took a shower and I'm feeling
better now
no I'm not
It's gonna take a lot to get


from Rescue Me, released November 30, 2007




Tom Willner Atlanta, Georgia

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