Sing It Out

from Live At Eddie's by Tom Willner



Recorded Live at Eddie's Attic, Decatur, GA
April 4, 2008
Live sound: Shalom Aberle

Urban Blue:
Tom Willner - keys, vocals
Kristi Budd - vocals
Adam Coletta - guitar
Lee Nunn - bass
Lee Hansen - sax, vocals
Towson Engsberg - drums


A rusty harp and a cheap guitar
He plays the corner of Fourth Street and Main
Sings like his soul just might tear loose
With nothing to lose, and everything to gain
Every night I hurry past him
Look at my watch like I'm late for somewhere
His voice rises up above the dirty street
Challenging anyone there to stop, to listen, to care

Sing it out, sing it loud
Sing it high, sing it proud
Sing what it is you have to say
but don't wait 'til tomorrow
sing today

A small child tries to rise to her feet
She starts to cry when she falls back to the floor
Her outstretched hand reaches for the sky
It doesn't occur to her to quit, so she tries it once more


I spent so many years a prisoner
Of the man that I could not be
Tell me how can a person be so blind
What must I do to set myself free?
It's high time I try to take a stand
Gotta rise up and make my voice heard
Instead of letting my life pass me by
Time to shout, to belt it out, to say the word



from Live At Eddie's, released September 25, 2008




Tom Willner Atlanta, Georgia

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